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hungry shark world bannerThis tutorial shows you how to unlock all Hungry Shark World Characters! There are different ways to unlock hidden characters. New mystery characters can be obtained by performing special actions or collecting items. Other ways to unlock characters are completing Character Sets or do Daily Missions. If you know how to unlock new Hungry Shark World secret characters, you can post that in every movie section. Especially if there are characters missing in a set it would be great if you can help us out with the last character you got before unlocking a new secret character.

Hungry Shark World – How to Get TONS OF GEMS – NO HACK

Hungry Shark World - How to Get TONS OF GEMS


You want to have unlimited Coins in Hungry Shark World without a  Hack and Cheat? SURE!

You don't need a Hack to easily get a ton of gems. Just use this Trick:

You can take advantage of the gemstone fish, which spawn in the same place after you eat them. If you know where they spawn, you can collect nearly 100 gems per day just by normally playing the game!

Use your Coins to Buy new Sharks or Upgrade the Speed, Bite or Boost stat of your current shark.

Hungry Shark World – How to Get MEGALODON

Hungry Shark World - How to Get MEGALODON


MEGALODON, the biggest and baddest shark of Hungry Shark World.

Once you unlock the Megalodon, you'll be the king of the seas. He costs either 1,500 gems or 400,000 coins to unlock, and can only be unlocked once you've unlocked all of the other sharks.

You don´t need to purchase all the other sharks, you just need to be able or have the option to purchase them.

There are 6 Tiers of Sharks to Unlock until you get the Megalodon. You can Unlock the Tiers by filling up the Progress Bar in the Game.

The final Tier is the XXL Tier which contains the Great White.

After filling up the Progress Bar in the XXL Tier, you can unlock the Megalodon with 1.500 Gems or 400.000 Coins!

The Megalodon is amazing - You can just Eat Everything!