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You want to know how to unlock the Secret Characters in Shooty Skies? You will find the answers here! This is the complete guide. The Shooty Skies Secret Characters are Hipster Whale, Zombunnie, Pew Pew Pew, Sparkles, Drama Llama, Morty and Zombie Kitty. Two new Shooty Skies Secret Characters were added in the Black Friday Update: Monster Savings and Roddy Cat. Another 4 Secret Characters were added in the Christmas Update. Two more Characters are Ya Zi and Monkey King from the Chinese New Year Update.  Another 6 hidden characters came with the Munchable Madness Update. Six more unlock-able characters were added with the  Pirates Ahoi Update in April 2016. Four more secret characters were added with the  Destination Mars Update in June 2016.
We present you the Secret Character Unlocks we already found. Feel free to discuss the other Unlocks and your experience with us to complete the guide:

#13 Yuley – Shooty Skies Secret Character

#13 Yuley
The last secret character of the Shooty Skies Christmas Update was a big mystery. Until the 25th of December neither the name, nor the design of this character was known. This is because this character could not yet be unlocked in game. The developers gave a hint on twitter how to unlock it: You have to collect the daily reward every day 12 days long. If you started doing so on the day the update was released (Dec 14th) the Secret Character would have been unlocked on Dec 25th as a christmas present.
Of course Yuley can still be unlocked by collecting the daily reward 12 days in a row.
#13 Yuley - Shooty Skies Secret Character

#12 Sleigher – Shooty Skies Secret Character

#12 Sleigher
This character is a tribute to the American thrash metal band from California with the similar name Slayer. To unlock Sleigher choose one of the new Christmas Characters (Shooty Feet, Elfabear, Blitzen, Ho-Ho-Hobot, Hoppy Holiday, Poley) and defeat every Christmas enemy occurring in one round including the Christmas Boss.
It may also be possible that you need to beat round about 3 christmas bosses in different rounds.

#8 Monster Savings – Shooty Skies Secret Character

#8 Monster Savings

The official conditions reported by the developers for unlocking Monster Savings:
Collect at least 500 coins with Bargain Hunter in game. You don't have to collect the coins in one run.

We tried to unlock the character with that conditions, but we were not successful on iOS, but it worked on Android. Most probably there is a bug in the current version. The developers are informed and are working on it.

#5 Drama Llama – Shooty Skies Secret Character

#5 Drama Llama

 First of all unlock Hooty and Blobby. Now you have to get a good or a great score with both of the two characters. A great score is considered to be a high score or a score relatively near your highscore. Once you got it with both characters Drama Llama will be unlocked! This is considered to be "old people's music joke", because there is a 90's music band called Hooty and the Blowfish.