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You want to know how to unlock the Secret Characters in Shooty Skies? You will find the answers here! This is the complete guide. The Shooty Skies Secret Characters are Hipster Whale, Zombunnie, Pew Pew Pew, Sparkles, Drama Llama, Morty and Zombie Kitty. Two new Shooty Skies Secret Characters were added in the Black Friday Update: Monster Savings and Roddy Cat. Another 4 Secret Characters were added in the Christmas Update. Two more Characters are Ya Zi and Monkey King from the Chinese New Year Update.  Another 6 hidden characters came with the Munchable Madness Update. Six more unlock-able characters were added with the  Pirates Ahoi Update in April 2016. Four more secret characters were added with the  Destination Mars Update in June 2016.
We present you the Secret Character Unlocks we already found. Feel free to discuss the other Unlocks and your experience with us to complete the guide:

#3 Pew Pew Pew – Shooty Skies Secret Character

#3 Pew Pew Pew

Play as one of characters with a Western / Cowboy background like Prickles, Boomer or Rattles. Play this character for a while and after a while the Shooty Skies mystery character Pew Pew Pew will be unlocked, it's a gun fitting to the western environment. The exact condition is unknown, but this character is rather easy to unlock, just keep playing for 5-15 minutes.

#1 Hipster Whale – Shooty Skies Secret Character

#1 Hipster Whale
Play as the Crossy Chicken, which is available free for a limited time. Beat the Crossy Boss or Eagle Boss and once you die Hipster Whale will be unlocked! Hipster Whale is the studio who developed the mega blockbuster game Crossy Road, it was even the very first Crossy Road secret character in the game. This mystery character makes an appearance here, because the Crossy devs Andy Sum and Matt Hall were involved in the development of Shooty Skies by Mighty Games.