DISNEY CROSSY ROAD DuckTales December 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR DuckTales Update Secret Characters


Duck Tales Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road DuckTales Winter Update 2017 was released in December. Please help us in the comments if you have any further information.
NEW #1 Launchpad McQuack - Power of Flight Set
Launchpad McQuack can be unlocked by completing the "Power of Flight" set of characters which includes Pixiu Chinese Dragon, Mosquito, Lightning Storm McQueen, Darkwing Duck and possibly more.
NEW #2 Scrooge McDuck - Duckburg Citizens Set
Scrooge McDuck can be unlocked by completing the "Duckburg Citizens" set of characters which includes Donald Duck, Webbigail Vanderquack, Huey, Gyro, Louie, Dewey and Mrs. Beakley

NEW #3 Shadow Magica - Action Unlock
Play as Scrooge McDuck (secret character) and hop until you find a rolling silver coin. Hop into the coin, and Shadow Magica will appear. Run into her and die to unlock her.

NEW #4 Ma Beagle- Action Unlock
Break her out of prison (stand in front of the jail cell) with Big Time Beagle, Bouncer Beagle, or burgler beagle.
NEW #5 Gizmoduck - Action Unlock
Gizmoduck is unlocked by collecting five of his components while playing as Gyro.

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