DISNEY CROSSY ROAD Lilo and Stitch April 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR Lilo and Stitch Update Secret Characters


Lilo and Stitch Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road Lilo & Stitch Update 2017 was just released this April. Please help us in the comments if you know how to unlock tany further characters.

#1 Space Suit - The Space Invaders Set
Get all the alien characters, such as Stitch, Pleakey, Jumba, Councilwoman and Gantu.

#2  Ice Cream Man - Paradise in Hawaii Set
Get all the residents of Hawaii, such as Lilo, Mertle, Mrs. Hasagawa, Nani and David Kawena.

#3 Mosquito - Action Unlock
Play as Pleakley and find and hit he floating Mosquito to unlock this character. Beware: This is not the vehicle type mosquito but a special floating one.

#4 Prisoner Jumba - Action Unlock
Play as Grand Councilwoman, find and open the large prison cell to unlock Prisoner Jumba.

#5 Rescue Lady - Action Unlock
Play as Lilo and find all five differently looking dogs.

#6 Bullfrog - Action Unlock
Unlock Space Suit Stitch first (see above). Play as Space Suit Stitch and get hit by a car 10 times zo unlock this character. 
Special thanks to YouTubers Disney Dan / Disney Infinity Code and  DaMobile Mob for providing tons of information!