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How to unlock ALL DISNEY CROSSY ROAD Secret Characters

Here we want to collect all information for unlocking the secret Characters in Disney Crossy Road.  General tips, tricks & hints can be posted here. Please post new information and corrections directly in the particular movie section.
This tutorial shows you how to unlock all secret Disney Crossy Road Characters! The game was released with 25 secret characters and another 14 other secret characters were added in April 2016. End of May 22 new mystery characters were added to the game. In July the Finding Dory Update released with new secret characters.

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD Update: Finding Dory Update!
Disney Crossy Road was just updated with NEW characters. A brand new Finding Dory theme was added! We show you the gameplay of the new world, the new mystery characters and the daily missions. The update was released on June 30, 2016. Check out the FINDING DORY TAG for a summery of all recently added secret characters.
Daily Missions

The update also came with a new feature, the daily missions. You have to collect 6 stamps by completing a mission to unlock a new secret character. The picture above shows the 10 secret characters. You can already find the names of all 10 remaining secret characters in the list. Nevertheless it will take at least 60 days (1 stamp a day, 6 stamps per character) to get all 10 new characters. It might be possible to speed up things if you collect stamps on other devices and synchronize characters on your account once you unlocked a new one. Find all daily missions characters here!