Pokemon Go claims its first victims – Part 3

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Ha..just took my bike to catch some pokemon. Picture this: you are mid 70 y/o, seen some stuff already. Just sitting in a nice Cafe outside. It's Sunny and 1pm. Suddenly some 20y/o guy shoots around the corner with his bike. Big ass headphones, sunglasses, snapback on his head. He comes to a full stop 20 ft away from you. Quickly pulls out his phone and starts to kind of scanning his environment with it. Smiles..than giggles. Flips his fingers across the screen a few times and giggles even louder. Hes looking peaceful now. Satisfied even. He Scans around with his phone and looks up terrified as the Viewing angle of his camera hits your smiling face. You nod. He nods. Turns his bike around and gets the f out of there. That Boy is me. Im humiliated.

The brand new Pokemon Go claims its first victims. This guy actually didn´t fuck anything up. He just sees his weird behaviour through the eyes of a mid 70 y/o. Gotta catch em all, no matter what!

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