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DISNEY CROSSY ROAD The Incredibles Update Feb 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR The Incredibles Update Secret Characters


The Incredibles Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road The Incredibles Update 2017 was just released this February.
#1 Bob Parr - All in the Family Set 
Get all characters from The Incredibles family to unlock Bob Parr.

#2 Rusty McAllister - Nothing to see here Set
Get all Lucis Best, Helen Parr (see #4 below) and Bob Paar to unlock the Rusty McAllister.

#3 Incrediboy - Sidekicks and Super Friends Set
If you have any idea, who belongs to this set, let us know in the comments. Please let us know at least the last character you needed to unlock Incrediboy.

#4 Helen Parr - Action Unlock
Play as Mrs. Incredible and find Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. Don't worry, you can die in between and find them in different rounds. Once you found them all and die after that, Helen Parr will be unlocked.

#5 The Underminder - Action Unlock
Play as Mr. Incredible and find Underminer's drill to unlock the Underminer.

#6 Lucis Best - Action Unlock
Play as Frozone and collect 2 bottles of water.

#7 Omnidroid - Daily Mission
Complete the Daily Missions to unlock this Secret Character.

Special thanks go to YouTuber DaMobile Mob